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computationally efficient algorithm to identify matched

computationally efficient algorithm to identify matched

computationally efficient algorithm to identify matched

(PDF) Efficient String Matching Algorithm for Intrusion

Essential to almost every intrusion detection system is the ability to search through packets and identify content that matches known attacks. Space and time efficient string matching algorithms are therefore important for identifying these packets at line rate. In this paper we examine string matching algorithm and their use for Intrusion A COMPUTATIONALLY EFFICIENT AMBIGUITY A COMPUTATIONALLY EFFICIENT AMBIGUITY RESOLUTION TECHNIQUE Ron Hatch, Tenny Sharpe, NavCom Technology, Inc. It uses a very efficient algorithm to compute the residuals associated with each potential combination of required to correctly identify the integer ambiguity values. The capability of the technique to rapidly identify the

A Computationally Efficient Ground-Motion Selection

A Computationally Efficient Ground-Motion Selection Algorithm for Matching a Target Response Spectrum Mean and Variance Nirmal Jayaram,a) Ting Lin,a) M.EERI, and Jack W. Baker,a) M.EERI Dynamic structural analysis often requires the selection of input ground A Computationally Efficient Method for Probabilistic A Computationally Efficient Method for Probabilistic Parameter Threshold Analysis for Health Economic Evaluations We propose algorithm 2 to obtain the parameter threshold value, threshold analysis can help to identify the maximum price that a government might be willing to pay for a drug. A computationally efficient method for automatic Jan 23, 2008 · Not only is the algorithm shown to be computationally more efficient with registration time being reduced by a factor of 8, but also the algorithm is shown to offer 50% higher capture range allowing the initial patient displacement up to 15 mm (measured by mean target registration error).

A matched-filter algorithm to detect amperometric spikes

Jan 01, 2018 · We have developed a Matched Filter (MF) detection algorithm that scans the data set with a library of prototype spike templates while performing a least-squares fit An Efficient Image Identification Algorithm using Scale considerable range. For efficient detection of key points, a cascade filtering approach is used in which computationally Manuscript submitted June 2nd, 2007. This paper details the implementation of an image processing algorithm to extract Scale Invariant Featues (SIFT) of an image. The work was done as a Class Project for the An algorithm for progressive multiple alignment of Jul 26, 2005 · Dynamic programming algorithms guarantee to find the optimal alignment between two sequences. For more than a few sequences, exact algorithms become computationally impractical, and progressive algorithms iterating pairwise alignments are widely used. These heuristic methods have a serious drawback because pairwise algorithms do not differentiate insertions from deletions and

Computationally Efficient Spatial Forecast Verification

May 01, 2008 · An automatic and computationally efficient strategy for merging and matching is presented here that is shown to make reasonable merges and matches. The strategy makes heavy use of the Baddeley image metric, , which is found to be a particularly useful summary metric that accounts for spatial location, coverage, and shape differences among identified features. Computationally efficient method of tracking fibres in Feb 01, 2020 · A computationally efficient method based on digital image correlation (DIC) has been introduced in this paper for fast and accurate characterisation of fibre orientation fields from a series of optical mosaics of a continuous fibre-reinforced composite (CFRC) specimen, which were obtained using a well-established automated serial sectioning technique. Dynamically dimensioned search algorithm for Jan 17, 2007 · [1] A new global optimization algorithm, dynamically dimensioned search (DDS), is introduced for automatic calibration of watershed simulation models. DDS is designed for calibration problems with many parameters, requires no algorithm parameter tuning, and automatically scales the search to find good solutions within the maximum number of userspecified function (or model)

Earthquake detection through computationally efficient

Seismology is experiencing rapid growth in the quantity of data, which has outpaced the development of processing algorithms. Earthquake detectionidentification of seismic events in continuous datais a fundamental operation for observational seismology. We developed an efficient method to detect earthquakes using waveform similarity that overcomes the disadvantages of existing detection Efficient Algorithms for Finding Maximal Matching in the most efficient algorithms for finding a maximal (cardinality or weighted) matching in (general or bipartite) graphs. It also lists some open problems concerning possible improvements and the existence of fast parallel algorithms for these problems. Key words: Efficient and Effective Pair-Matching Algorithms for Agent We describe the requirements for pair-matching in these types of microsimulations, and present several pair-matching algorithms:Brute force (BFPM), Random (RPM), Random k (RKPM), Weighted shuffle (WSPM), Cluster shuffle (CSPM), and Distribution counting (DCPM).

GitHub - bakerjw/CS_Selection:Software for selecting

It improves upon an earlier algorithm by Jayaram et al. (2011). Further documentation can be found in the following paper:Baker, J. W., and Lee, C. (2018). An Improved Algorithm for Selecting Ground Motions to Match a Conditional Spectrum. Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 22(4), 708723. Interference-Driven Antenna Selection for Massive Sep 09, 2015 · Our analyses show that the proposed AS algorithm, in combination with a simple matched-filter (MF) precoder at the transmitter, is able to achieve better performances than systems equipped with a more complex channel inversion (CI) precoder and computationally expensive AS techniques. and we identify a closed-form eion of the upper Matched Molecular Pair Analysis in Short - ScienceDirectJan 01, 2017 · ThricePairs uses SMARTS patterns to specify substructures. This was later followed by WizePairZ , described in 2010 by Warner et al. as a tool which can automatically detect and identify matched molecular pairs and encoded them in SMIRKS reaction notation. In essence, it is a MCS method which captures different levels of the local single site environment similar to the approach of

Computationally efficient, robust algorithm for matched

Mar 01, 1998 · When either the search volume is large of the acoustic array is large, computational efficiency is an issue. We present an efficient MFP implementation for the conventional MFP algorithm and our robust algorithm. We show that parallel implementation of these algorithms

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